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Welcome to our RESOURCES page

Over the years, we've presented many things that we
felt may be of interest to our visitors. These subjects have received positive responses, so we thought that it would be a shame not to include them in our new website.

They are now listed in an easy to find manner.
To view any of the pages, simply click on their titles.


Photo Links
If we photographed your Dance School, Skating Club,
Sports Teams, Special Events, etc., you can find the pictures using the links here...

• Dance and Skating
• Special Events


Frequently asked questions
Everyone has questions, and often, different people are asking the same question. So, we've taken the most frequently asked ones and put them all on the same page so you can get your answer quickly.


The Downloads Page
Here you'll find items that can be download for off-line use and viewing. These could be Order Forms, Price Lists and more. You will find links to this page and contents from other pages on our site when needed.


Modelling Tips
If you've ever thought of becoming a model or you would like some tips on how to pose when a family member wants to take your picture, check out this page.


Travel Adventures
Being a photographer often has Fred travelling to various locations. As such, he often likes to pass on information that other may find interesting or useful. On this page you'll get to see where Fred spends some of his time and points out places that you may be interested in.


Whether it's links to pages of friends, clients, humour or just pages that are interesting, you'll find them here.